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To Multi Site Multi Bot Plateform, framework Bootstrap 4.
Create a Clever ChatBot, animated avatar coupled with Text to Speech, and embed it in any website.
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Artificial Intelligence

Create your ChatBot AI in a few clicks

Create a responsive website, Bootstrap 4 framework, build by simply Drag and Drop and in a few clicks.
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Drag Drop Content Editor
Website Builder

Create your website in a few clicks

By generating your own plugin, you can even integrate your ChatBot AI to your Wordpress site.
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WP Plugin Generator

Generate your WP Plugin in a few clicks

Website builder

Our website builder, you will create a responsive website, Framework Bootstrap 4, with more than 300 blocks of content to drag and drop, multi design you can create in a few clicks a beautiful website.

ChatBot AI Animated

By registering on our site, your AI Bot will be created automatically and integrated into the website of the platform, but you can also integrate it into any other website.
You will only have him learn to speak, his animated avatar will speak aloud to your visitors if you wish, by the Text to Speech function.

Wordpress Plugin Generator

Do you have a website built with Wordpress CMS? No problem, we created for you! A Wordpress plugin generator, you just have to install it, and your Bot will be displayed automatically on your site.

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"Bootstrap is amazing. I've been using it to create lots of super nice landing pages."

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"Thanks so much for making these free to us!"